About the Soundtrack

Working closely with Sky Crompton through out the entire production of the film, Tim turned to his  network of Turnstile Records artists including writers/ singers/ musicians and hip hop MCs. Using these different artists helped to make each characters themes on the soundtrack suit their style, from Jai’s love of Jazz to Kong’s theme’s of Gangster Hip Hop to the Pop/Rock that gives Daisy a Harajuku Girl world. Sky knew the characters of the film with such depth that it was easy for him and Tim to find just the right sound to suit each character of the film.

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About Tim Trappet & Turnstyle Records

Tim Trappett of Turnstyle Records, is an experienced musician/producer of over 17 years.Turnstyle Records is an independent  label that branches out into a variety of specialized music/film  projects. The Studio uses the Writing expertise of Singer/Songwriter Micheal Trappett, who has written music for television commercials and film sound tracks and has been a professional performer for 30 years. A well established independent hip hop recording studio, Turnstyle Records and Tim Trappett have Produced or featured  in over 50 projects to date, working and performing with hundreds of local and international artist, making it one of the most productive independent Hip Hop recording studios in Melbourne.

To discover more about Turnstyle Records, Tim Trappett and Dj Rellik,
visit the web site at www.turnstylerecords.net
For a full discography visit




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