Susanna was Born in Hang Zhou China and grew up in Melbourne Australia, she has studied at the University of Melbourne from 2006-present, and at Freie Univeristy Berlin 2010 Winter Semester, Harvard University 2010 Summer Semester. She has worked in Commercials Music Video, Telivision series such as City Homiside and the lead role in the short film Red Water Red, Citizen Jia Li is her first feature.

Her Take On the Film

“Working on Citizen was an amazing experience. I loved transforming into Daisy each day. She was a character that had so much soul and I loved that she unknowingly had such an impact on Jia LI. Walking to different locations to shoot our scenes was an experience! I was getting looks from every direction, pointing, smiling and not all attention was good. In the beginning it bothered me that people could be so nasty but then I realized.

This is what Daisy is all about! Who cares what other people think? Why do we have to conform to what society’s ideals of proper dress and proper behavior are? If your own happiness and feeling completely comfortable in your own skin that we should care about. People may laugh and point but it so liberating to push the boundaries and do something out of the ordinary. I’ve  always kept that part of Daisy with me and I feel so empowered by her. I hope that people see that side of Daisy too.

I consider working on CJL as a really influential part of my acting career. The team was so dynamic and the energy that we had on set was always positive. Working with other talented professionals whether it was cast members or the crew or Sky really helped me grow as a professional in the industry.

CJL really has set the bar for me in future projects. Working on a film so regularly and for such a long period, everyone becomes a part of your family. The strength of this bond between is reflected long after filming is done. Well, its been a while but I still consider CJL a part of my extended family.”

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