Claudia is a Malaysian Chinese, born in East Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, she studied a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors) at the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University and acting at TAFTA. Her acting experience covers stage and screen and includes Animation Voiceover, Commercials, music videos and TV such as City Homicide and short films including leads in Exchange – 2009 – by Kaiwin Yeung, Reflection – 2008 – by Munenar Kadoo, A Quaver – 2008 – by – Paul Chu

Her take on the Film

“Everyone has put so much effort in this, there are tears and laughter all throughout the making of the movie. We share the same goal and spirit, which is try and make this happen. I still remember our cinematographer Daniel Yun, was having a fever half way through filming, and he never complained. He kept popping panadol, waking up 4 am in the morning, sleeping 2 am at night to push through the work and with great quality too. Seeing him and all other crew members putting so much effort into making this work, just makes me wants to work harder, and giving the audience a great experience of the film. Here, I would like to thank Sky the director of Citizen Jia Li who has given me such a wonderful opportunity to work with him and his crew in creating this film.

Citizen Jia Li is my first big hit, being exposed to the professional acting industry. It’s an eye opener for me to see how people work in films. I always wanted to be in a film set since I was in college. I think it’s fun, creative and not boring or draining like any other 9 to 5 jobs. However, when I finish college, instead of choosing to be go into a film school, in fact I actually almost did, I chicken out, and chose pharmacy instead.

You know, like what your family and friends will tell you, making films is too risky, you might end up with no job, and depress, or you have to sleep with the director to get your next shot. However, although I studied something absolutely different from film, I never really give up my dream to act. I took up night time acting lessons, and that is how Sky spotted me.

When I was given this opportunity to work with Sky, Sky is no director of any kind that was mentioned by my family and friends. He is very very respectful towards women. I remember there is one time when some of the crews were making dirty jokes. Sky actually got upset! Wow, I give him a lot of respect for that! “

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